Dollification Corporation part 2 - Transformation

Release Year: 2018
Studio: ManyVids
Models: Sasha De Sade
Genres: Doll Fetish Futanari Gender Transformation Real Doll Transformation Fantasies
Video language: English

Note: this video follows 'Dollification Corporation 1: Sex Doll Fuck' but also works as a stand-alone video!) In this new chapter of Mistress Murmur's Dollification Corporation, Sasha is exposed to images of her own sexual past in order to TRANSFORM her mind into a blank, slutty, Sex-Doll state... At the same time she experiences a shocking physical transformation: Mistress Murmur takes Sasha's innocent girl next door look and adds whoreish makeup, 'barbie' hair extensions, thick hips, juicy tits and a huge futanari cock, transforming Sasha into a Plastic Physical Bimbo Goddess... Once Sasha has been transformed in Mistress Murmur's personal parlour, she is moved to the factory to have her quality compared with Mistress Murmur's collection of other Sex-Dolls. Mistress Murmur places Sasha Doll next to Sadie Doll in a variety of sexual positions, comparing the perfection of their plastic faces, tits and wide asses. Mistress Murmur's contrasts Sadie's well-used cunt and asshole! with Sasha's virginal and untrained pleasure hole, just waiting to be wrecked by her future owners. To ensure that Sasha will be a satisfactory doll, Mistress Murmur finishes her time in the Doll Factory by showing the viewer how to train a Sex Doll's holes. Using red and black inflatable buttplugs, Mistress Murmur stuffs Sasha's mouth and arsehole full then pumps up the plugs to maximum hole-stretching capacity. As Mistress Murmur prepares to leave Sasha Doll alone in the warehouse for the night, you can almost see the panic and fear behind suffering Sasha's eyes... Not quite though. After all, she's no longer human, and Sex Dolls can't feel emotions! ...Or can they
None. None. None. Experimenting On Vacation - Part 2 - the moto boy and the military part 1. None.
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Format: mp4
Duration: 20:47
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 4895kbps
Audio: 148kbps

File size: 800.6 MB